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Full-Service Property Management in Rochester, NY

From vacancy postings to rent collection, to tenant placement and more, we offer full-service property management in Rochester, NY. The property managers at Skeleton Key Property Management do it all. Contact us today for full-service property management.

Full-Service Management

  • We are a licensed, fully insured brokerage.
  • We begin with a stringent screening process to place the most qualified tenants
  • From rent collection to the eviction process, you are constantly in the know.
  • We are experts in passing city code inspections and other county agencies.
  • Owners have access to owner portals for real-time information about your investment.
  • Tenants have access to tenant portals for auto-pay and management communication
  • You have access to a 24-hour maintenance line!

Your First Month Is Free

We want to earn your trust — so get to know us for 30 days. No management fees will be charged. We're confident that after the first month, you'll see the difference.

No Long-Term Contracts

You're not locked in. If we don't perform up to your standards, we're gone — no questions asked. (Well, we might have some questions because most people love us! But we promise not to cry...)

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What Property Management Should Look Like

State of the Art

With customizable reports, real-time property updates, and immediate vacancy postings, your investments produce more. We make an unpredictable business a little more predictable. Vacancies are blasted to all the top rental sites simultaneously, and tenant's portals make paying rent and filling out applications seamless. More cash flow, less hassle. We believe in simplicity. Our propertyware system lets us work smarter for our investors, not harder.

Construction Workers, Full-Service Property Management, Rochester, NY

Streamlined Processing

Your month-end statements will be no surprise, as you've been logging into your owner portal. But what's this? An automatic deposit — every month, on time, no guessing or waiting? With our e-pay system, you get what's coming to you... fast. The goal is to benefit from your investment. If it's only felt like a liability up until now, you might need a new management company.

The truth is that this technology is available to most property managers. What sets us apart is how we use it. Coupled with our Rochester investment property knowledge (remember we have a few), and our commitment to our fellow investors, our recipe for success is just that... successful.

We Go To Any Heights

Passive income is the goal, not constant maintenance and tenant turnovers. You rely on your property management company to maintain your investment, to keep your tenants happy and the cash flowing. Our maintenance crew will go to any heights to protect your investment. With our work order tracking system, you'll never pay for the same repair twice. Tenants live worry-free with our 24-hour maintenance hotline. You can rest assured that your investment is being protected.

It's time for an honest property management team — one that will provide you with the level of comfort you deserve when it comes to your investment.