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Rates and Property Management Fees in Rochester, NY

Offering competitive rates and property management fees in Rochester, NY, Skeleton Key Property Management is proud of our reputation for great work.  See below for more information, or contact us if you should have any other questions about our rental property management.

Management Fees — 10% per Month

At Skeleton Key Property Management, we charge 10% of the gross collected rent. Remember, we only get paid if your property is producing, we are committed to finding qualified, paying tenants who are in it for the long-term. Put simply – we’re only making money when you are!

Ladies Standing by Signage, Property Management Fees in Rochester, NY

Tenant Placement — One Month's Rent

Choosing the right tenants is the key to making money on your real estate investment. Some companies may place sub-par tenants into your building in order to just repeatedly charge you to fill the vacancies again, but you can rest assured that we guarantee your tenants for one year, with no additional placement fees during that time. And you can rest assured that we handle the entirety of the tenant placement process ourselves, behind the scenes. From advertising your unit and completing the application process to handing over the keys, we recognize that efficiency is the key – and we take great pride in that fact.

Maintenance Fees — 10% per Project

In order to see that nothing is ever overlooked, we do charge to oversee each project. Service calls, agency and city inspections, make-readies – all of these can turn into a vicious cycle of city fines, missed rent, and unhappy tenants. Nothing will surprise us, and this is what separates the good investment property management companies from the bad. Your properties will be prepped prior to inspections, and your make-readies are squared away for a new tenant in a timely manner.

Call today to learn more about our services! We look forward to serving you.